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About Us

My name is Bryan. Capital Beltfed is run by me only. I even created this website too so if there is any error feel free to message me. I have this as my side hustle and my main job is a Software Engineer and I have this as my secondary job. I will try my best to provide the best service out there and try to stock new and awesome products! I will gladly answer any question best to my knowledge. I specialized on good quality firearms and NFA items. I only stock quality products that I would use, give my recommendations and the best bang for your buck.

All credits to my friend Eric who took pictures of the firearms, accessories, and suppressor. Without him all my photos would not be nice as these. Go follow him on Instagram!

A little about me. I love playing Shooters games like CSGO, CoD, and Fallout. I played when MW2, Halo custom games, and WaW zombie  when these games most were popular but now unfortunately it is not the same as when I was younger. I currently play is Warzone. I mainly play on PC. I starting to do USPSA and 2 Gun matches. My goal is to get A class end of the year.

I have about 3 years in firearms experience/knowledge but I’m always learning something new about firearms some how. Expert in HK mp5’s, and AR-15 but with pistol and AK’s with some knowledge unfortunately. 

Reason I chose Capital Beltfed because I live near Washington DC the capital and shooting belt fed machine gun is my favorite thing to do. I have yet to obtain a belt fed gun that’s my #1 priority.

I want to provide the best service I can provide . This inspired me from three Company; Primary Arms, BigTexOrdnance and Rooftop Defense. With their speedy shipping time and I want to do the same thing. Great customer service too! I believe items should be shipped within 1 day without any roadblock. All my inventory is live so no need to worry about it if order get cancelled.

Another note I will not sell your personal information to anyone. I always hated company who do this. Cookies are set for faster access to the website and nothing else. No advertisement email at all what is in-stock etc. I will be more active on Instagram showing cool stuff, what’s coming in-stock and replying to everyone. Reddit I am very active on feel free to send a message on there as well!