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Hello! Here are some answer that might asked frequently. I will update this page if I get a commonly asked question but for now here are some good ones. If these answer did not answer your question feel free to message me and I will get back to you soon as possible!

It is very simple. All you have to do is purchase your firearm or suppressor online and message your gun store to send me there FFL (If applicable SOT) along with the order number. Once that is done I will ship it ASAP and send you tracking information.

I will ship everything within 24 hours Except for NFA and Firearms. NFA items will ship once I get approval from the ATF. Firearms will ship once I receive the FFL. 

Unfortunately I cannot do local pick up due to zoning regulation and allowing me to have a FFL but you can always pick it up at the Chantilly Gun Show just shoot me a message and I will waive the shipping fee!

NFA items we can do the forms 4 (either Eform or paper form doesn’t matter to me) but you would have to pick it up at the Chantilly gunshow. Unfortunately to meet with zoning requirements until I have resolve it with zoning.

I will issue a 100% refund no question ask! Just send me a email and ship it back to me and I will get the refund process started.

The item must be new and have no sign usage. You can submit a return request within 30 days once you receive the item or it has been shipped. Send a email to [email protected] or complete this return form 

I can accept a return on firearms within 30 days once it arrive at your FFL but you must not complete a 4473 to you. After that is considered used and I cannot take used firearms.

NFA unfortunately I cannot do a return but I can cancel a order before I start a form 3.

Ammo, cannot be returned but it can be cancelled before being shipped! Send an email to [email protected]

Yes you can cancel an order but send me a email first ASAP before it is shipped out. Send it [email protected]

If you bought the wrong color or mount of the item I will gladly switch it with you but the package must not be opened for me to trade. Just send me a email and ship it back to me with the email conversation with it.

[email protected]

I will gladly help you to troubleshoot the issue. Just send me a email with a detailed explanation what is wrong. If you cannot fix it on your end feel free to ship it back to me and I will gladly take a look and troubleshoot the issue.

No I don’t take backorder.

No Raffle. It is first come first serve. Some items will have restriction of a buy limit to spread the joy to others and limit scalpers 😊.

If the item is high demand I will post a separate link in Reddit or something.

I will do my best to meet with your state laws. The only except is ammo to California unfortunately. I cannot micro engrave them.

I cannot post it due to meeting with zoning requirement. If returns/exchange will be handle in email.

I cannot ship any items out of the US. I am sorry but it is whole another problem for me to ship it out of the states.

If something is not on the website feel free a message to me and I will try my best to fulfil your special request!

This shipping fee include insurance to your shipping cost and shipping cost too! I try my best to have the lowest shipping cost!

There will be codes for free shipping on some products!

All products that are shipped will be insured regardless of free shipping, or not free shipping. If the shipping cost more than its stated I will eat the cost!