M-Arms Kratos 1911 5″


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It comes with 2 Magazine (Metalform/Cobra), and hard cover Negrini case. It will have a 1 year warranty once you receive it. If you registration the firearm to the manufacturer you will get an additional 3 years of warranty + a gift package (with a hat, T-shirt etc). What is covered under warranty click here for the list. (TBA)

  1. Tool steel of the highest quality as a main material;
  2. All parts are CNC milled (solidblock);
  3. Safeties and slide stop (in the rear position) are CNC milled and additionally heat treated;
  4. The highest level of accuracy of 1911 pistols is provided by a cylindrical barrel with spherical bushing, which enables smoother operation, durability and precision;
  5. All parts are made in-house by M-Arms/Phoenix;
  6. Slides are all manufactured in-house from start to finish, which means that it is probably the only slide on the market that is tritop and durable;
  7. Front and rear slide serations are made in such a way that they are not too coarse but still enable a reliable repetition;
  8. The front sight is made in cooperation with the Swiss partner Phoenix, in the manner so it can be replaced at any time, while the settings remain the same, and the pistol does not need to be recalibrated;
  9. For more reliable operation, the slide is eased (milled) only on the required parts;
  10. The slide and extractor combination allows a much better case extraction at lower spring forces as well as different cases, which are more out of tolerance (advantage for reloaded ammo);
  11. Production design and placement of the barrel as well as the slide, allows disassembling without tools (no pins, retainers, etc.);
  12. Pistol housing is milled from blocks of tool steel and designed and manufactured using the best technology and computer controlled tooling;
  13. Pistol housing allows for less friction in the part of the trigger mechanism and for adjusting the trigger (Pretravel – Overtravel) without disassembling, but only field stripp is needed (slide removal);
  14. The barrel, in combination with the slide, is produced in a manner that it has approx. 270-300% more bearing surface compared to the classic 1911 type pistol. This enables an easier repeating (cycling) and prevents the possibility of a breakage of the pistol housing;
  15. Pistol housing in combination with the disconnector is designed in a manner that there is less friction and instead of slide pushing into the classic disconnector, the slide runs over it (more of a rolling friction, which helps with smoothness). With this, we achieve a higher level of security and smoother operation or repetition (cycling);
  16. Pistol housing, in combination with the magwell, is designed in such a manner that there is no need for a pin, which enables an easier disassembly and a more rigid placement;
  17. Rear grip safety (on the handle) is designed in a manner that it can be, if desired by the user, disabled with one integrated screw;
  18. The barrel has a special processing method that gives it a longer life span and precision;
  19. The barrel has a double ramp, which allows a more reliable loading of the cartridge among 1911-type pistols;
  20. Instead of three fixing surfaces, the safeties have seven of the latter, which, in combination with heat treatment, enables better performance and greater durability;
  21. Kratos also features an easy disassembly method for removing the safeties by centering them in a notch and easely removing them without grip pannels removal;
  22. The front and rear checkereing of the pistol grip allow a better grip and are the same as on grips;
  23. The mainspring housing has been redefined with more springs to make it easier to adjust the forces during activation and to reduce the frictional forces inside the mainspring housing;
  24. Hammer and internal parts of the trigger mechanism are designed together in combination in our company, which enables optimal operation. These key parts are done within 0.004 mm tolerances;
  25. Grips also serve as a limiter for the movement of the safety on the With this, they rest on grips and do not break;
  26. Trigger bow is structurally designed to allow minimal friction and a perfect match with other parts of the trigger mechanism (sear, disconnector). All the friction that occurs due to offsets-triggering is rolling friction (the competition has a sliding one) and thus almost zero. Also, the trigger bow is from one piece rather than bent sheet metal, which noticeably contributes to reliable operation and stiffness;
  27. All components of the trigger mechanism are within a tolerance of 0.004 mm;
  28. All parts that are sliding, safeties and slide stop in the rear position have diamond coating (DLC), which gives an extremely low coefficient of friction and high durability;
  29. The trigger guard is angular and has a checkering for a grip method with the index finger of the weaker hand;
  30. Locking lugs are a combination of Phoenix and 1911 system, which allow smother operation, longer time span of the barrel lockage with the slide and thus much better accuracy as well as faster radial releasing of the barrel for faster cycling.


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